Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May long weekend 2007

As far as birthdays go, I think this year goes into my top 5. I did not really plan anything, just went with the flow. Those always turn out to be super fun and spontaneous.

I had booked Friday off cos our friends Phil and Cheryl were visiting from Regina, SK. Have not seen then since their wedding in Punta Cana, so we all had a nice 4-day long weekend:

Friday AM: Woke up around 9 to get ready to meet them at Metrotown. Cheryl's family came as well so there was a big group of us power shopping. My brother and his family came to meet us for a bit as well on their way downtown. Had lunch at TGIF. Their service was a bit better that normal, maybe cos I asked our server to put a rush on our food.

Quite a funny sight, 4 women dragging 4 men around the mall. Dave likes shopping himself, but the rest of the guys looked liked every minute of the experience was torture.

Friday PM: Said goodbye to Cher's parents Stan and Glenda, and the 6 of us went to my place to get ready for the boat cruise party. My dad was at home, and he looked on in amusement as the guys mixed drinks in the kitchen, and the girls did hair and make-up in the bathroom. We were all trying to iron our outfitS, drink, get dressed and gab at the same time. My bedroom and bathroom was covered in shopping bags, clothing tags, accessories, shoes, make-up, drink glasses, etc.

Drove downtown to a friend's apartment where we did more pre-drinking and getting ready. We eventually got to Granville Island, where the boat sailed at 8pm. By this time, we were starving and cursing ourselves for not getting something to eat. We did not drink much on the boat, as it was expensive plus we all still have to drive to Cheryl's parents house in Maple Ridge to spend the night. By the time the boat got back at midnight, we were starving but nothing was open, so we sped to the house and ate pepperoni and rice chips HAHA =D

Saturday AM: Me and Dave woke up to Belle licking our faces. They had 2 cute dogs. Belle was a chihuahua/Jack Russell, and Sunny a 4-month old yorkipoo. We all had breakfast, then me and Cheryl ran around town for our Starbucks fix, and to get appys and desert for bbq dinner party.

Saturday PM: Cheryl made broccoli salad while I baked 2 cakes. The boys were watching TV while the 2 doggies slept on Dave's lap. The guests started to arrive, there was about 30 of us, and Stan started to bbq the huge stack of T-bone steaks he had. We had steak, prawns, diff salads and appys, potatoes, and a WHOLE LOTTA BOOZE!

We decided to spend another night and go to Roosters to dance and drink since we did not really party the night before. We got there around 11, and by the time we left around 1:30, me and Dave were pretty hammered. I remember getting a bunch of free amaretto shooters, YUM! The best thing about arriving at a club late is most ppl are drunk by that time so strangers buy you free drinks Haha =D
Got back to the house and devoured some leftover cake, and passed out.

Sunday AM: Woke up around 10:30 to greetings of Happy Bday, and we all had breakfast of eggs and leftover steak from the night before. After agreeing to meet everyone again downtown, me and Dave drove home around noon to rest a bit and get ready as we were out of clothes from staying 2 nights. Saw my family again after 2 days, HAHA!

Sunday PM: Drove downtown to meet them all and do a bit of shopping at Robson and Pacific Center. Had a little snack at Cafe Crepes and Taco Time. Then said goodbye to everyone as we went to meet my family for my bday dinner at Daitung Chinese Retaurant. After, we all went home and played video games with the kids, who were waiting as we missed 2 nights of our nightly ritual of Gamecube.

Monday AM: Woke up and made breakfast of eggs and bacon, then we all piled into the rental van to go to the Greater Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove. They had soooo many animals there, there were tigers and lions and a jaguar. Bears and wolves and birds of prey. We rode this bus that took us into the bear and wolves area, where 2 bears and 3 wolves came right up to the bus!

Monday PM: Stopped by McDonalds on the way home, and when we got home, I just had to nap as I was pooped from all the activities of the past 4 days. But I was able to wake up for chicken wings and suman =)

Tuesday: Now I'm back at work... YAWN ... !!!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Stupid Rascist Bitch from EB Metrotown

Yesterday me, Dave, my brother, Annie and the kids went to Electronic Boutique at Metrotown to buy a few Gamecube and DS games. As we were browsing through the games, we witnessed a few verbal matches between one of the customer service reps and some customers. As we looked on, it became obvious that the rep was an ignorant bitch who woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She was needlessly rude and antagonistic to the customers. There was a mother who came in and asked her if she saw a young boy wearing army pants. Her cutting remark was: "There are lots of kids here running around with pants." with a very condescending tone like DUH! Who cares that you lost your kid?? The mother proceeds to stomp out the store cursing "Bitch!"

We continue watching on in horrified amusement as several other customers had a run-in with her. For some reason it never occured to me that we'd have our turn when my brother brings the 3 games to the counter. I asked if she could check if they had the DS game pre-played. She answers: "We prob don't have it. I did not check." So I wait for her to check but she just ignores me and starts to ring in the purchase. I think: "Hm...well are you gonna check? ISN'T THAT YOUR JOB???" I just didn't want to be around her anymore, so I let that slide.

The total came to a little over $110. So my brother gives her a hundred dollar bill and a $10 dollar bill. She took the hundred dollar bill but would not accept the $10 dollar bill as she claims it is counterfeit since it did not have the shiny stripe. I worked in retail for years so I knew she was making it up. The banks have issued newer bills that had the shiny stripe but the older bills are still legit.
She would not accept the $5 bills my brother had either as this too she claims is counterfeit. By this time, Dave walks over and tells her he works at a print shop and there has never been any memos issued by a bank that supports her statement. She shuts up at this point. My brother hands her an old $20 dollar bill WITHOUT the stripe and she says that that was fine. Hm...where's the logic in that? Plus any decent store would at least have a counterfeit pen or a scanner.

I regret not reaming her out. I was surprised my brother did not give her a tongue-lashing. The only thing that held us all back was we had to rush to get to a reservation for dimsum across town. So me and Dave just resorted to talking loudly about her as she finished up her transaction. Annie had come in to see what was happening so I loudly explained to her that the rep was full of shit and to just ignore her and let's just leave cos she was just being a horrible bitch.

My brother normally does not take crap from anyone. His family's been through a lot the past 2 years, with my niece battling cancer. 2 years of chemo and surgeries, this is their first R&R vacation after a long haul. Since health care in the Philippines is privatized, my brother has had to battle it out with snotty doctors and hospital staff. But we all just left the store. Anyway, the receipt had her name on it.

Dave warned me that the store manager would probably just defend her, and I knew this too, but I could not resist calling the store today. The lady who answered the phone said her name was Heather. I asked for the manager, and she said she was the manager. So I told her about her employee Christianne, about how it was a horrible experience for my brother, who's a tourist here trying to relax after going thru a lot with his daughter being sick. I told her I was surprised I was the only one who has called to complain as she was making a big stinking scene with several customers.

Talking to Heather was like talking to a robot. Even her apology was very insincere, like she was reading off a script. She feigned shock when she said Christianne usually get glowing remarks, blah blah blah. I knew that it was either:

1. She was lying through her teeth. I had worked in customer service and retail for many years. Customers don't give you glowing remarks when you do a good job. They only contact you if they have a complaint. I'm doing the exact thing =)
I had worked at Crabtree and Evelyn before, and I had a coworker who gave outstanding customer service, and even she only got maybe 1 customer who bothered praising her to the manager in the many years she worked there. And that was cos we gave complimentary gift wrapping and basket arrangements, and she would go out of her way for every customer. She sometimes even delivered it to them.
So Heather prob knew that Christianne was horrible, she just chooses to ignore it as it's hard to find retail workers these days.

2. More than likely, Christianne was just rascist. As the mothers she antagonized was either Asian or Native. This just really Grinds My Gears (pardon the Family Guy phrase) Having worked in retail, and having friends from many different cultures, I just can't stand rascist ppl. HELLO?!!?! You live in Vancouver. If you wanna be rascist, move up North! Or if you're just plain miserable, work in a factory or something where you don't have to deal with ppl, so we won't have to look at your stick-stuck-up-your-ass-expression face either!

We're probably gonna have to go back to that stupid store as my brother plans to buy more games. And since their staff is useless, we're just gonna have to resort to handling it our way. If that bitch even looks at us wrong, she's gonna get the tongue-lashing of her life.

Friday, May 04, 2007


On Tuesday, I had to go to our head office in Edmonton for a conference. There were 3 of us from our branch here in Vancouver who had to go, so we left super early on Tuesday morning and came back Wednesday afternoon. Here are a few of my observations of Edmonton, our company, and travelling for work:

1. Edmonton is drab and brown.
At least what I saw of it. We stuck mainly in the industrial/West Ed Mall part of town. And what I saw was drab and brown.

2. Food just seems to taste better when you don't have to pay for it.
The CA team went to Red Lobster on Tuesday night, armed with one of the head honcho's credit card. Our pants were bursting by the time we left. If it wasn't so damn early the next morning, we would have made it for breakfast too.

3. Our outside sales reps are spoiled rotten.
They put us up at the Days Inn, and it was not bad. I was surrounded by 6 fluffy pillows when I went to sleep. The bathroom even had a nice ceiling heat lamp. Yet our sales reps would give us a lock of mock horror and sympathy when we tell them where we're staying. They're prob used to staying at 5-star hotels with their nice expense accounts.

4. Hotel TV seems to have better shows.
Not really, as it's the same channel listing as residential. Murphy's Law states that when you're bored at home there's nothing to watch on TV, yet when you need to go to sleep early you find something on TV that you just HAVE to watch.
I was flipping thru the channels in between breaks of the hockey game, when I saw they were showing back-to-back epidoes of The Surreal Life. I've never watched the show, but I found myself sucked in, until past midnight. I was hoping that Janice Dickinson would bitch-slap Amorosa, but of course, they left me hanging.

5. Walking the West Ed Mall when you're tired is pure torture.
They need to have those mini-trains like in Metrotown, but for adults.

6. Our company cars are old.
We got to use one while we were there. It had an ancient cassette deck.
I think there is some rule that company cars cannot have cd players, as the service trucks here are like that too.

7. Getting up at 5am for work is just too bloody early!!
Actually I shouldn't complain as Michelle and Bonnie had to wake up at 4am cos they were farther from the airport. They wanted to start the conference at 11am so we had to catch the first flight. We were dead tired by the end of the day. Next time, we have to demand that they fly us in the night before so we can sleep in.

Kid, Nira and Amy from The Beat 94.5

I was driving to work yesterday morning, listening to The Kid Carson Show, like I do every morning. Their voices had a bit of an echoing sound, different from when they're in the studio, then I heard them say they were doing their show from the Toys R Us parking lot near my office. I called work and told Laurel to cover for me as I'd be late cos I HAD to drop by and meet them. They were doing Spiderman promo so Kid was high in the air lifted by a crane.

I approach their kiosk and wait while they put a song on, then I went and introduced myself and told them I was a big fan! Nira was so sweet, and cute as a button! She said I deserved a Spa Utopia gift certificate for being late to work just to drop by. I'm to pick it up from their office next week, Whohoo!!

I got a picture taken with Amy and Nira, and their crew was so nice as well! I got to meet Kid, and I love his Peach Fuzz, but I didn't get to take a pic with him as he was being lifted up the crane again.

This totally made my day! Getting to meet my fave DJs, all of them and their crew were soooo nice!

If I had known I was gonna take a pic with them, I would have at least put on some make-up!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Shopping Fever

Me and Dave went on a little shopping spree on Saturday. It felt good, as it's been months since we've splurged a bit and gotten new things for ourselves. Spent about $800. It will probably be a while before we go on our next spree. Well, that excludes when I go to Lululemon. That's not really a spree but a necessity, since I've been so good about going to the gym regularly, will have to reward myself with a new outfit soon.

Dave got 2 pairs of shoes: nice brown leather and white Nike runners. He also got 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 4 shirts and a leather belt. I finally bought the complete Aveda facial skin care line I've been eyeing for some time now. Got some cute summer clothes: capri pants, tube and halter tops. Also got 2 pairs of shoes: cute brown velvet beady flipflops and some 3-inch stiletto- heel peep-toe. I wore it to church yesterday and I could barely walk! It's been a while since I've been on heels, so I'll have to practice a bit more.

Almost got this in white patent and pink fabric, but Dave convinced me this black patent grey fabric would go with all my clothes.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Mini Family Reunion

We've had a jam-packed weekend. Paul, Vangie and the kids are visiting from LA for 10 days.
So far this is what we've done:

FRIDAY PM: Dave, dad, Helen and Maryann pick them up from the airport, they arrive at home around midnight. We got them settled, then we went up to the kitchen to have siopao. By the time we finished eating, the kids were wide awake, having slept on the plane. They were running around the house and playing with the cats. It was around 3am by the time I went to sleep, and I could still hear the kids giggling and laughing in the next room.

SATURDAY AM: It was so hard for me to wake up at 6:30am, but I had to go to work. It sucked, the one Saturday out of the whole year that we had to work, I wanted to stay home so badly, but I could not get out of fiscal year end inventory. I felt like a zombie with only a couple hours sleep, but at least we got donuts and muffins =)

SATURDAY PM: I got home around 1pm. So we all had lunch, and Dave drove them to Avis to rent their car. I stayed home with Malia, and we played around in the garden a bit. Then I drew her a bath, and helped her wash her hair and scrub her back. I brushed and blow-dried her long, thick hair. She's very independent, picking her own clothes and dressing herself. We also had a lot of fun when I put nailpolish and rhinestone gems on her fingers and toes.

Then we all went to Kingford Chinese Restaurant for Vangie's bday dinner, where we had the traditional set menu course. Scrumptious Alaskan King Crab and Lobster, YUM!!
Maryann slept over, so the house was full and bustling again, and I just zonked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

SUNDAY AM: I got out of bed around 9:30, and go up to see Vangie and the kids in the kitchen in their PJs. Malia the pink-clad monkey goes into our bedroom and pinches Dave awake. So the whole household line up to shower and get ready to go out. I had a make-up session with Malia where we both put make-up on. She liked playing with my make-up kit, chose and put her own eyeshadow and blusher on, and I helped even it out and put lipshimmer on her lips. Then we all go to Pink Pearl Restaurant for dimsum. Yummy! I've been eating so much on this visit, I'll have to make it up at the gym next week.

SUNDAY PM: After lunch, we all go to Granville Island to enjoy the bit of sunshine. Even Brody had fun chasing the ducks in the little pond area. Malia spent most of her time playing in the Adventure Zone at The Kids Market. After, we went to Helen and Max's place where we had take-out Stephos Greek food, again YUM! I love their roast lamb! The rest of the night was spent playing with the kids. We got home around 10pm, and the kids had fallen asleep in the car on the way. So they were just left sleeping in the car in the garage for a bit, while Paul and Vangie packed for their Whistler trip. After a while, they were brought in, and again I was out like a light as soon as I closed my eyes.

MONDAY AM: Again it was a bit hard waking up early this morning to come to work. And here I am right now, wishing I was at home =) It's pretty quiet here today, as not much to do after inventory weekend. Vangie and the gang, plus mom, are going up to Whistler today to stay for 3 nights. On Wednesday, me and Dave are taking the day off and driving up there for the day to meet up with them. Helen, Max and Kiana are also going there Wednesday to stay for one night.

I can't wait for my day off and the long weekend. Here are some of the pics taken so far:

Malia showing off side and back view of the braided hairstyle her nanny Teresa had done before they left for the airport

Piggyback ride while Dave wears Ian's glasses, Tigger is just coming in the bedroom door

With Malia the pink princess/monkey

Malia helps feed her cousin Kiana

7-month old Kiana is a good eater!

Dave and Kiana on top of the boat outside of Kids Market in Granville Island

Kids climbing on Dave

Whose turn is it for piggyback ride?

They sure like climbing all over him! =D

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm rooting for Melissa R. She's Filipina, she can sing & dance, and she's only 17! I hope she wins.

Chelsea is my second choice. She doesn't have much dance training, but her voice is crystal clear.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

After reading Ailee's blog and comments about how expensive good quality make-up is, I couldn't resist looking at my kit. I love my make-up kit!

I can't believe how in high school we were forbidden to wear it. Actually, we were forbidden to do anything that would help us to express ourselves in any way. I remember them banning things like nail polish (even clear), shoes with any type of heel, cute socks (even though they were uniform-approved white), colored hair, dangling earrings(or more than 1 earring per ear), tattoos, piercings, etc. Haha! A lot of good that did me, as soon as I could, I went out and got all of those done =D But my most favorite of all is the fact that I can wear as much make-up as I want. I look back at my old high school pictures and laugh/cringe at the bushy-browed, shiny face smiling back at me. Thank God those days are over!